Tiki Lounge - Beach 3

1 bedroom

TIKI LOUNGES: our hidden treasures...

5 stars cocoons right on the beach or overlooking the vineyards, the Tiki Lounges have a privileged position in Kon Tiki. Equipped with a private garden, they all have a terrace with heated pool or whirlpool, ultra-chic comfortable beds and modern living rooms with an eye for luxury details and high standard equipment…

Guests of Tiki Lounge will be the subject of all our attention!

  Designed for a couple, the Tiki Lounge Beach 3 is a suite with a large bathroom with pure lines through the combination of luxury and comfort. In a mix of vintage and natural chic, this Tiki Lounge with whirlpool is set on the sand of the famous Pampelonne beach overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

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